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Why Good Posture is Important

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When your posture is brought into alignment, everything works better

When your posture is out of alignment, your organs are at risk. Poor posture compromises
blood flow and prevents your organs from performing at optimal levels. Even subtle
pressure on your organs can cause illness and damage.

For example, if you constantly lean forward, even a small amount, you will add pressure to
your stomach and disturb your digestive system. Other organs will be given too much
space to operate at optimal levels.

Don’t worry, the fix is not about sitting up straight. There is usually a structural change that
needs to be addressed. Often, posture is compromised by one of two causes: i) behavior
over time, which may be an injury from long ago that you’ve ignored and let linger, or ii)
repetitive strain, which is a repeated movement that has left you out of alignment.

At MuscleCare, Inc, posture is viewed as a key component in harmonizing body systems.
When therapists use soft tissue manipulations to align your spine and posture, these
corrections provide a whole-body response.

You will likely feel that your entire body functions better, that you can breathe better, that
your mind is clearer and that you are less depressed. This whole-body experience —
physical, spiritual, emotional and mental delivers an overall sense of well-being.

In a future blog, we will provide an in-depth case study. Using photos, we will demonstrate
how misaligned posture can appear and how it is corrected — homeostasis is achieved —
by the time our client leaves to go home.


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