Perfectly Frank

Relationship wisdom. Unfiltered.

Have you ever felt like you and your spouse speak different languages?

Do you feel stuck in relationship patterns and stereotypes?

Do you find that you always raise your voice with your kids?

It’s time for realistic, down-to-earth relationship guidance

Inspired by the author’s outspoken, but wise Chaldean mother, “The Man He Stupid, And The Girl She’s So Bitch” invites you to listen in on real conversations between Frankie and a close friend.
While Frankie shares wisdom from both her work and family life, she shines a light on key relationship moments and perfectly frank conversations.

Practical advice for happier relationships and a happier you

Frankie offers fun, relatable, supportive advice to help you along your own journey, including some tips for self-love and self-care. Read with an open mind, a full heart, and a readiness to receive joy.

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Energetic and full of purpose, Frankie is an alternative therapies specialist with bodies, a life coach, and an intuitive. She coaches her clients into better health, better relationships, and happier inner life.


Spiritual Life Coach

Fatin is a spiritual life coach on staff at MuscleCare, Inc. She works with clients in person, via phone, and on Zoom. She is available for coaching nationally and internationally.


Massage Therapist

Stephanie has been formally trained in reflexology, prenatal massage, reiki, polarity, and Thai massage. She specializes in deep tissue massage and lymphatic massage after many years of study.