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Perfectly Frank

A Life-Long Philosophy

When Frankie began work as a natural intuitive and healer, she knew there was only one way forward—to be frank, honest, and open with her clients. It has been the foundation of her work ever since.

While the business has grown to include a wide range of healing services — from meditation, life coaching, energy healing, past-life regression, numerology, intuitive work, and more — Frankie’s approach has remained steadfast.

Her commitment to honesty allows her clients to experience their own inner guidance, opening pathways to their own healing. When her clients experience the simplicity of truth, they are able to hear what their own body is trying to tell them.

Perfectly Frank is both a philosophy and behavior. Through this life-long approach, Frankie has helped clients through life transitions and difficult emotions. She has taught clients how to manage their mind chatter and follow their intuition.

With a focus on healing your mind, the Perfectly Frank approach applies to Frankie’s podcast, blogs, social media, and books.

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Frankie’s latest book

Book: The Man, He's Stupid and The Girl, She's So Bitch by Frankie George-McCullough
Book: The Man, He's Stupid and The Girl, She's So Bitch
by Frankie George-McCullough

Relationship wisdom. Unfiltered.

Have you ever felt like you and your spouse speak different languages?

Do you feel stuck in relationship patterns and stereotypes?

Do you find that you always raise your voice with your kids?

It’s Time for Realistic, Down-to-earth Relationship Guidance

Inspired by the author’s outspoken, but wise Chaldean mother, “The Man He Stupid, And The Girl She’s So Bitch” invites you to listen in on real conversations between Frankie and a close friend.
While Frankie shares wisdom from both her work and family life, she shines a light on key relationship moments and perfectly frank conversations.

Practical Supportive for Happier Relationships and a Happier You

Frankie offers fun, relatable, supportive thoughts to help you along your own journey, including some tips for self-love and self-care. Read with an open mind, a full heart, and a readiness to receive joy.