Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

When you face reoccurring challenges in life — feeling stuck, trapped, anxious or sick — there are often generational obstacles at play. In other words, experiences or memories from present and past lives leave you repeating uncomfortable patterns in this life.

Let past lives unlock current issues

When you uncover past-life memories and release their energy, you will:

Recognize and address generational patterns.

Gain a more complete understanding of yourself.

Feel empowered to break patterns of emotion.

Have a greater sense of control.

Discover your deepest roots

Our past lives carry the complete story of our soul’s experiences. At MuscleCare Inc, we use guided past life regression to enable you to witness and address issues or patterns from previous lives.
Through this process, you will be empowered to break generational patterns and release energy from the past. We work with the power of the Akashic records to identify the unchanging core of who you are and remove any energetic blocks you may carry from childhood or previous lives.

Service Fees

$400 per session - 120 minutes

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