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Numerology & Intuitive Healing

Numerology & Intuitive Healing

Numerology is an ancient Egyptian study of numbers, that assigns meaning and purpose to every number. Numerology holds that every aspect of life is related to numbers and their inherent energy. Modern science confirms that nature and the universe itself can be examined and explained through the lens of mathematics and numbers.

Frankie’s intuitive healing offers gentle guidance toward your own inner wisdom. She will help uncover the questions or obstacles that have left you feeling stuck.

When Life Leaves You with Questions

Together, numerology and intuitive healing help you:

Understand your life path and answer questions.

Discover a sense of direction.

Feel empowered to break patterns of emotion.

Have a greater sense of control over your life.


Your unique numbers tell your story

A numerology reading can help you understand your life path and provide a sense of direction. Together with intuitive healing, numerology can help guide you toward better health, improved relationships or a greater sense of purpose.

Once you know your life’s path and can see the obstacles in your way, you will be better prepared to make productive changes. At Advanced MuscleCare Inc, we use numerology and intuitive healing to shine a healing, informative light on your life.

Intuitive Healing Delivers Peace of Mind

Working directly with Frankie, who brings her instinct and inner knowing to all that she does, you will benefit from discovering your own inner guidance and intuition. Frankie’s intuitive healing will help you work through questions or even subconscious obstacles, helping you feel peace of mind and a clear sense of direction.

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