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Specialized Massage Care

When used as part of a holistic approach to your overall well-being, massage can help relieve stress and muscle tension, while relieving you from acute pain. At MuscleCare Inc, Massage is a full body experience. It releases your tension and stress. By combining many different techniques we have developed a specialized treatment.

Improve your overall well - being

Depending on your experience of pain or discomfort, we provide specialized massage treatments, including:

Deep tissue


Reflexology for hands and feet

Head, neck and shoulder massage

Foot massage and more

Treat yourself to deep foot care

At MuscleCare Inc, we take pride in our comprehensive foot massage. This unique service delivers 25 minutes of therapy, including massage for:

Calves & shins



Tops of feet

Achilles tendons

Specialized care for skin issues

As a subset of our massage care, we offer specialized fascia blasting treatments — a proven technique — to aid with cellulite or saggy skin.

Service Fees

$120 per 70 - minute session — Therapist Stephanie

$65 per 25 - minute foot massage — Therapist Stephanie

$150 per 50 minutes - Fascia Blasting for cellulite and saggy skin - Includes a firming cream, and heat therapy with treatment

$65 per 25 min head, neck and shoulder massage.

90 minute massage/FNMAT combined treatment with Stephanie

$200 - 1.5 hours session

This treatment combines both massage and the use of functional or muscle therapy treatment for specific problem you might have. It’s a great way to get relaxing, comforting massage as well as treating the problem. This treatment is with Stefanie only and it takes

Foot and Ankle Massage

Frankie: $105 (25 minutes). Stephanie: $65 (25 minutes)

We work throughly from the Minecraft down, working on the webbing in your feet and really freing up your heels bottom of the feet and toes afterwards we wrap the legs in hot towels. The results are outstanding!

Neck Massage

Frankie: $105 (25 minutes). Stephanie: $65 (25 minutes)

Packages with Stephanie

Purchase 3 visits at $110.00 each - Total $330.00

Good for three months

Purchase 6 visits at $100.00 each - Total $600.00

Good for six months

These packages are completely transferable and can be given as gifts to others.

Membership for massage with Stephanie

6 month $100.00 Per month -

One massage per month | 10% off all other treatments with Stephanie

12 months $95.00 Per month -

One massage per month | 20% off all other treatments with Stephanie

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