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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy healing clears energies that your body is holding onto. It accelerates your body’s own healing powers while restoring balance to your mind and body systems. Energy healing offers a unique path toward healing, offering you peace of mind and the road to healing.

Everything is Made of Energy

Energy healing provides physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and other benefits, including:

Acceptance of the present — what is.

Reduced symptoms of stress (creating the space for healing).

Decreased inflammation.

Improved immunity & sense of well-being.

Reduced body pain.

Creating the path to healing whatever ails you.


Your body possesses the inherent capability to repair and regenerate itself, a natural gift from birth. You can learn how to tap into it by balancing your posture, enabling greater freedom of movement, and alleviating pain.

Highly specialized energy healing

When people seek energy healing, they are often at a difficult place in their lives. Sometimes they are sick or in acute pain. Other times, they are facing a challenging diagnosis and an emotional experience. Many clients seek energy healing when they simply feel stuck. In each of these scenarios, energy healing delivers relief, comfort and a sense of direction.

With decades of experience, Frankie is an alternative therapies specialist, with expertise in energy healing. She helps her clients reduce their body pain, improve their health and mindset, foster better relationships and find inner joy. Helping you understand how you can heal yourself and setting you in that direction.

Service Fees

A session lasts ~60 minutes.

Energy clearing from a home or business available for an additional cost.

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