Life Coaching

The right life coach can change the way you see and react to the world. At MuscleCare Inc, our life coaching is designed to help you discover what brings you joy and fulfillment by making productive chatter in your mind. Once you learn to change your mind chatter, you will create space for thoughts that are productive.

The power of a quiet mind

Once you learn how to change the chatter in your mind, you will:

Create space for thoughts that serve you.

Feel the focus on what you desire (Faith).

Allow yourself to find clarity, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Specialized life coaching — the gift of clarity

Every one of us has mind-chatter that nags and provokes. Sometimes it is subtle and manageable, but other times it can take over, with debilitating results. It is easy to get caught up in negative chatter that can prevent you from knowing your true thoughts and interests.
Life coaching at MuscleCare Inc is a positive, supportive experience. Working one-on-one to understand your interests and goals, we’ll help you move past fear and other unseen obstacles. We will guide you toward insight as you find clarity and create a life that is full.
If body pain is holding you back, we will help you understand your emotional connection to its grip. By identifying and addressing the emotion in your life, you will be better equipped to let go of fear and move forward with love.

Service Fees

Create space for thoughts that serve you

$200 — first in-person session

$175 per in-person session thereafter (50 minutes)

$800 per month for remote sessions – reach out daily if you choose (available Monday - Friday, 8am – 8 pm by phone)

If you would like to add Intuitive work to go along with coaching, it is an additional $100

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Discover how specialized life coaching can help heal your past and allow you to move forward with purpose, joy and fulfillment. fulfillment. Life coaching will help you with health, business, and your personal life.