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When Frances George-McCullough (Frankie) developed Functional Neuromuscular Activation Therapy (FNMAT), she had a deep desire to help her clients uncover the source of their body and mind pain. Frankie is a FNMAT therapist, a natural intuitive and healer, as well as a specialist in both anatomy and physiology.
Through ancestral healing and past life regression, Frankie also allows her clients to observe and release events, patterns and pain from the past. These therapies allow Frankie’s clients to step away from energy they’ve been hanging onto. Many find immediate results through emotional breakthroughs.
Through MuscleCare Inc, Frankie has developed a robust team of health professionals, offering a wide range of healing services that bring about homeostasis — a balance among your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states of being.
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Over 60+ years of combined healing experience

At MuscleCare Inc, we believe that helping you heal means finding and treating the cause of your pain. Through a wide variety of treatment paths, as well as those that target your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, we are expertly trained and fully equipped to help you heal.

Our holistic approach is based on the understanding that there is always an emotional component to pain. Once we uncover the source of your discomfort and treat it effectively, you will be released from its debilitating grip physically, emotionally and spiritually

As a team of healing professionals, we have been helping clients in Detroit and surrounding areas — as well as remote clients for coaching and energy healing — for over 40 years.

We look forward to unlocking your healing journey.

A holistic approach to pain release

When you treat the source of body pain, you release your mind and body from its hold. At MuscleCare Inc, we work with ALL areas of your body, to help release your pain. A holistic approach allows you to:

A holistic approach allows you to:

uncover the source of your pain.

address its emotional component.

release yourself from harmful patterns.

discover the healing nature of peaceful clarity.




Meet our other therapists


FNMAT | Healer

Energetic and full of purpose, Frankie is an alternative therapies specialist with bodies, a life coach, and an intuitive. She coaches her clients into better health, better relationships, and happier inner life.


Massage Therapist

Stephanie has been formally trained in reflexology, prenatal massage, reiki, polarity, and Thai massage. She specializes in deep tissue massage and lymphatic massage after many years of study. Stephanie has been training under Frankie McCullough, learning the functional neuromuscular therapy treatment for over a year, and is quite skilled at this treatment now, as well as all the other stuff she does.


Spiritual Life Coach

Fatin is a spiritual life coach on staff at MuscleCare, Inc. She works with clients in person, via phone, and on Zoom. She is available for coaching nationally and internationally.