Free your Mind. Heal your Body.

Finally, an effective release for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain in the body

At Advanced MuscleCare Inc, we find and treat the CAUSE of your pain, allowing you to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A Holistic Approach to Pain Release

Frances George-McCullough (Frankie) — a renowned alternative therapies specialist, life
coach and intuitive — is the founder of Advanced MuscleCare, Inc and the creator of Functional
Neuromuscular Activation Therapy (FNMAT), is a fascia release technique that works to balance body systems and relieve pain.

Over the last 40 years, Frankie has helped tens of thousands of clients discover the source of their pain, releasing both mind and body from its hold. Frankie is an educator providing CE credits through NCBTMB and sits on the Board Of Massage Therapy in Lansing, Michigan.

Through Advanced MuscleCare Inc, Frankie offers a wide range of holistic techniques, delivered by a highly skilled team. Together, they work with all systems in your body, to help release your pain.

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Red Light Therapy Treatment

Explore the transformative power of Red Light Therapy at Advanced Muscle Care Inc. where we combine wellness with innovation.

The red light targets your cells, delivering energy that stimulates natural healing processes. It’s like giving your cells a boost to do what they do best – repair, rejuvenate, and renew.

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, ease pain, or shed some extra pounds, this therapy can help you get closer to your health and beauty goals faster.

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Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss BeforeAfter

Experience a unique weight loss journey and significant pain relief with our red light therapy. This innovative treatment aids in reducing body fat and alleviating different types of pain, offering you a pathway to a healthier, more comfortable life.

Red Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Wrinkles study before and after

Witness the magic of diminished fine lines and firmer skin. Our therapy not only helps in anti-aging but also rejuvenates your skin, giving you a youthful, radiant glow.

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What is FNMAT?

Functional Neuromuscular Activation Therapy (FNMAT)

FNMAT is a unique body treatment that releases your body’s fascia — the connective membrane that surrounds and supports your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and organs. When your fascia becomes tight or bundled, it can restrict mobility and cause tremendous pain.

FNMAT uses postural assessment to observe the source of your fascia restrictions. From there, many modalities of soft-tissue manipulation are used to open your fascia membrane, which allows for greater blood flow and improved elasticity and comfort. Increasing blood and nerve flow, which can relieve the emotional burden of pain.

Many clients experience the added benefit of emotional release. Through the mind-body connection, increased blood flow can relieve the emotional burden of pain, helping many clients feel immediate relief from sadness they might not have even known they were carrying.

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An experienced FNMAT therapist will use a wide range of techniques and tools, specific to you, to discover and treat the source of your pain. Many FNMAT clients experience a lasting, positive impact from the first visit alone.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our Services

Heal Your Body for Your Mind

We offer a wide range of holistic services to help release your mind and body pain.

Functional Neuromuscular Activation Therapy (FNMAT)

FNMAT is a fascia release technique that uses many modalities to help balance all systems of the body and relieve pain. (50 minutes)

All Services $175 - $500 per session.

If you choose, a second therapist can work simultaneously for an additional cost.

You can also add Intuitive healing to go along with FNMAT for an additonal cost.

MASSAGE scaled

Customized Massage Care

The first line should say our Massage care is specific to you. It is a combination treatment that combines massage and functional Neuro-muscular activation therapy. Treatment is 90 minutes long.

90 minute combination Functional Neuro Muscular activation therapy and massage therapist by Stephanie

Guided Meditation

Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Guided meditation offers healing powers, helping you walk through emotions that are participating in, or causing, your pain. Guided meditation is also used to lead you to a path of self-fulfillment. (55 minutes)

Private meditation sessions.

Group meditation sessions, minimum 8 persons.


Life Coaching

Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Personalized life coaching allows you to quiet the chatter in your mind, creating a path toward peace, joy, happiness and especially self-fulfillment. (55-90 minutes)

Both in-person and remote sessions are available.

In person session are 50 minutes long.

Remote sessions – reach out daily if you choose (available Monday - Friday, 8am – 8 pm by phone)

If you would like to add Intuitive healing to go along with coaching, you can do it for an additional cost.

Energy Healing

Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Energy healing clears energy from your body and your life. This allows dis-ease to release from your body, mind and spirit, revealing the path to your healing. Free the source of your pain and begin to heal. (50-80 minutes)

Session lasts ~60 minutes.

Energy clearing from a home or business.

ENERGY HEAL 1 scaled

Numerology & Intuitive Healing

Numerology is an ancient practice that works with the powerful vibration of numbers. Together, with intuitive information, guidance and mediumship, you will experience connection, clarity, peace of mind and direction.

A reading session is ~50 minutes.

Past Life Regression

Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Guided paths into past lives allow you to see and address emotional issues. Understanding experiences in your life helps you see why you are repeating them. This unique experience allows you to break patterns and release energy from the past. (120 minutes)

Session lasts ~120 minutes.

PAST LIFE 1 scaled

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Our guiding philosophies

At Advanced MuscleCare, Inc, we believe when you uncover and treat the cause of your pain, you will bring about homeostasis — a balance among your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states of being — allowing you freedom from pain.

We also know there is always an emotional component to pain. When you get to the root of your pain, you can break free from the emotional and physical patterns — whether from a past life or your present — that hold your pain in place.
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Meet Our Team

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FNMAT | Intuitive Healer
Spiritual Life Coach

Energetic and full of purpose, Frankie is an alternative therapies specialist with bodies, a life coach, and an intuitive healer. She coaches her clients into better health, better relationships, and a happier inner life.

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Massage Therapist

Stephanie has been formally trained in reflexology, prenatal massage, Reiki, polarity, and Thai massage. She specializes in deep tissue massage and lymphatic massage after many years of study. Stephanie has been training under Frankie McCullough, learning the functional neuromuscular therapy treatment for over a year, and is quite skilled at this treatment now, as well as all the other stuff she does.

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Spiritual Life Coach

Fatin is a spiritual life coach on staff at Advanced MuscleCare Inc She works with clients in person, via phone, and on Zoom. She is available for coaching nationally and internationally.

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Get Started on Your Healing Journey

Take your first step toward lasting relief from body pain. Together, we’ll work with you to uncover the source of your pain, break habits that no longer serve you and lead you toward a pain-free life, full of freedom and peace of mind.

If you’re looking to work in the holistic field, and you practice a bodywork type therapy, please note that you must be licensed and insured by the state of Michigan. Please give us a call at 248-935-6000